Focus On Results Versus Methods

The director and founder of 3D HR Legal, Joanne Alilovic, advises managers, that based on her experience, when a manager walks around the workplace, it usually means they are checking up to make sure their subordinates are at their desks. Instead of helpfully asking employees if they are doing "okay", these managers just want to make sure their teams are hard at work.

According to Alilovic, managers need to move away from "checking up" and move towards "checking in". Management styles directly affect productivity and retention.

You cannot manage a team successfully if you don't support the concept of remote work. Trust is essential in all relationships but won't be present if remote workers feel or know that their manager does not support them.

Communication is vital in any relationship, and this is especially true for remote teams. It's easy to say that you are giving your remote staff autonomy, but some managers seem to be confused with the difference between empowering people and abandoning them.

Focus on actual, timely results – on not the length of time an employee spends in front of the computer. Joanne Alilovic "Check-in, not check-up: How managers need to change in an evolving workplace" (Jun. 10, 2022).


If you do not have a great deal of experience managing others, then seek out a manager mentor who can share their years of experience and procedures with you.

Communicate often, using different methods. Check on your employees’ well-being, stay flexible, and above all, focus on results more than methods.

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