Successful Managers Equal A Successful Organization

Business experts agree that few elements contribute to the success of any business more than quality frontline managers.

Managers who understand their strengths, weaknesses, and values strive to learn how employees view them, in order to better address the needs of the employees. Managers who engage a supervisor as a mentor are better able to improve self-awareness.

Managers who view their roles as a coach can communicate performance corrections with the perspective of helping the employee improve. It is important to encourage connection with others; foster career development; and frequently recognize employees for their accomplishments; both large and small. Angela Kambouris "Leadership Basics For Frontline Managers" (Nov. 17, 2020).


When Harvard Business Review surveyed its readers in 2014, it found that although 77 percent of business leaders thought of front-line managers as important to their organization’s success, only 33 percent viewed their managers as competent in business-based decision making. Surprisingly, only 12 percent said they invest in manager development.

Organized leadership training programs are certainly a great way to keep managers improving, but manager development should be viewed as a continual effort. Employers can increase the effectiveness of formal training programs with measures that are a part of the day-to-day workplace.

A mentorship program, as mentioned in the cited article, is an excellent method for stronger, more experienced leaders to help other managers with their personal growth as well as with specific struggles they may be experiencing. Mentors can assist in creating a leadership development plan that is unique to the individual they are advising.

The pandemic has drastically altered the business landscape. Now more than ever, your management staff will benefit from any opportunity you can provide to boost their leadership skills. Organizations should pair managers together to make sure that they lean on each other during this difficult time.

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